20140712_160842 (1024x768)This picture shows our 3D 4 wheel alignment equipment, aligning an Alfa Romeo which was experiencing strange rear tyre wear.











Fiat Camper Service

In the picture we have a six wheel fiat ducato (2008) camper on one of our vehicle lifts being serviced ready for a European trip.

We believe that you are unable to service vehicles properly just on a flat piece of ground using a trolley jack.  The lift that this vehicle is on lifts 10 tonnes.









Pictured are some of the trikes and 3 wheelers we have MOT’d.

20140613_161805 (1024x768)   20140612_142355 (1024x768)20140509_104356 (1024x768)








Here is a motorcycle we MOT’d, it looks like it’s been around the world.













In the picture, the camper on the left is having a service and the camper on the right is being MOT’d.















Here is something fun we were asked to do, we converted a Mitsubishi L200 into a ‘big foot’ vehicle for a customer to drive around the Scottish moorland.

We christened it ‘big toe’ as the suspension was lifted by 24 inches.